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Fun, friendly & effective exercise classes

We offer a range of classes with fully qualified instructors at a variety of venues. You do not need to book our classes just come along, they’re £6 each or we offer a Loyalty Card which is only £45 for any 8 classes with no time limit.


FFIT – Functional focused imaginative training.




Gymnasts have great bodies because they incorporate many planes of movement therefore use more muscles, torch more calories, burn more fat and get amazing results No need for hours in the gym – FFIT will raise your metabolism and fitness levels leaving you lean & longing for more!


We sculpt and tone the entire body focusing on strength, alignment and tone. The class flows seamlessly to keep you energised and inspired creating positive postural behaviours, solid core muscles and most importantly improved muscle memory.

Strictly Fit

An energetic, upbeat dance fitness class designed to achieve real results. We mix the graceful steps of Ballroom and the up-tempo steps of Latin dances to create a fun-filled class where you don’t even realise you’re getting fit. Transform your body and have fun dancing to music that will get your heart pumping!


A cardio dance class with a party atmosphere where anything can happen! 

Our playlist contains everything from latin, pop, African beats, country to hip-hop it is  a booty shaking, hip rolling endorphin ride with an infectious energy! 


A gentle but effective 45 minute class with no floor work for those who prefer a more moderate pace. Inspiring music takes you through a series of exercises to music to improve your posture, balance and muscle memory. Perfect for those who have not exercised for a while: www.paracise.com


SOSA represents everything you want from your favourite low impact fitness class – easy-to-learn choreography, fantastic songs and soundtracks, a great welcome, friendly atmosphere and a fabulous instructor who makes you – and everyone else – feel good! 


And breathe.…. a restorative class that wakes up your body in all the right places, release tightness and relieve stress. Using  a foam roller to improve balance and assist in soft tissue release this workout awakens your mind/body connections.


*Pre Book 4 week course*

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